Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Zombified Love

I don't gank. I don't like to be ganked. As a Druid or Warrior or Hunter or any other class I still hold to that.


When I am a zombie, I will join the zombie horde and kill everyone and everything no matter what level, gear, quest, or other function you or they serve. When you are a zombie, you will understand. If you don't, then do yourself a favor and go play something else until it's over.

This is the coolest event that I have experienced in WoW.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

WAR. Oh yes.

Newbian raiding is over for Burning Crusade. We got Vashj ans Kael down multiple times which, for a casual raid, is quite an accomplishment. We took no fewer than 50 different people on 9 Vashj kills, which I suspect is either a record, or at least REALLY freaking uncommon. Regardless of its World Status, I doubt ANY other raid did this on Dark Iron.

So I doubt I'll see Illidan die. Oh well. Some folk will certainly go back into BT after hitting level 80 and go kick his ass. Warglaives will be the newe ashbringer.

Eh, we are stopping to get out the car for some reason. This trip is going to take 20 hours.
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Holy wowbreak

Well, it happened, I cancelled my accounts. It seems odd that I have to make that plural, but there you go. They are actually both paid up until early october, and hell, if the v3 patch gets pushed sometime after that I might just re-up to play with the new talents. Eh, who knows. I'll probably keep grinding my warlock at times, and lord knows I am going to need to farm up lots of old world herbs to level up inscripting.

But DAMN W:AR is fun as hell. It's hands down the best MMO PvP I've ever played. I'm playing a damn tank, and enjoying every minute of it. I am hard as hell to kill. Hard. As. Hell. Fights last longer than they do in WoW, even at a lowly level 8 (though the level cap is only 40). And, the best part, you can level up doing nothing but pvp. It's freaking great.

You should go get it. Next wednesday.
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Macro Heaven

OK, I multi-box, I'm an altaholic and I play on two computers sitting side by side.

I also swap out which toon is on which computer AND I use macros a lot.

And I find out today that:
"Macros and key bindings are now saved server-side so there is no longer a need to reconfigure them when logging in using another computer. "

Can I just say:

Thank You Blizzard!

Now if it would just hurry up.

I'm still Thinking

Video games as a meditative practice ... yeah. It's a little out there but I'm still thinking about it. I'm not saying it's a GOOD meditative practice or even all that productive but ... with certain types of games (like arcade style or even shooters) there's a kind of auto-pilot trance state you can get into where your brain isn't worrying about all this shit it normally worries about.

No, that has nothing to do with WoW.

I did, however, tank a couple of Kara key-frag runs and then swap to a 5-man AQ20 on my 67 warlock. That's WoW related right?

How NOT to Gank...

...and still kill me.

Last night, I was running my first toon, my gnome warrior, and I was turning in a quest when a horde rode up and patiently waited for me to do my quest turn in.  Then when I was done, he /waved and I /waved back.  Then he /bowed and I realized he was asking me to fight.  He had 6 levels on me, but I decided it was cool and /bowed back.

Needless to say he annihilated me, but it was cool.  And in fact what annoys me is that about 90% of the way through killing me, a couple of alliance showed up and I had no way to tell them that I was cool with it before they jumped him.  Heck, I figured I would rez and we would go again.  I didn't yell at them after he fact, heck they were trying to help me, but I wish they hadn't run the horde guy off.  I was having fun despite dying.

Which is why I'm hesitant to transfer any of my toons to a PVE server, cause I'm sure I could have flagged, but it was even cooler because Mr. Horde last night didn't have to be cool about it, he just was.  While PVP servers allow people to be asshats and gank, they also allow for people to be very honorable, something I think is actually good about PVP servers.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This one is about WoW

Well, I finally managed to get my highest toon to 55 on my second account so I can have two PPHGDKs* per server. Now if only I and/or Skroo were able to have used the new refer a friend program, we could have level 60s in minutes, since he referred me and I referred my wife and my second account.

I'm not bitter, I'm actually just wondering if I should have bought my wife and I second and third accounts respectively. Though the 90 days limitation would probably have made it pointless.

That said, I wish they would give us the option to make extra toons at higher levels once we've reached a certain level. 1-70 gets long even for me, and I have yet to actually get one to 70.

*Pink Poofy Haired Gnome Death Knights, and yes, even if they don't give me pink, it's assumed.